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May 22, 2011
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CDH: Joseau Black by vynn-beverly CDH: Joseau Black by vynn-beverly
(s... sorry it somehow got so long... -u-)


Name: Josephine "Joseau" Black
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 5'5, 134lbs.

Stage name: Joseau Black
Position in the circus: Harlequin, magician

Personality: Josephine, usually known as Joseau, is an obnoxiously happy trickster who loves to screw with people and loves to slack off. She hardly ever shows interest in anyone romantically because of her past, and is so undeniably happy all the time because she's subconsciously trying to cope with the things she has been and is forced to do (like having sex with older men and killing people). She loves tricking other people into laughter, which is why she prefers the title "harlequin" rather than "clown", although she's a little bit sadistic, and sometimes loves to piss people off instead. She has a secret passion for her work, which shows when she goofs around (which is mostly all the time), but doesn't like to do anything else and will often scurry away when work is to be done, or will otherwise procrastinate until she's forced to do something. (however, if she sees someone struggling or dropping something, she'll help them out. It's just the idea of someone telling her to do something that makes her not want to do it). She is silent onstage as harlequins usually are, but she has a loud, sometimes clever and cocky mouth backstage that gets her in trouble. She's cool and not often clumsy about herself unless she's purposely messing up to cause trouble for people, and she's very good at getting what she wants (with men, at least). She often seduces men (and some women) in order to get them away from a crowd and killed. A lot of people tend to find her okay alone when she's calmer and more, well, human (and maybe more open), but unbearable in front of other people when she has her public personality on. Her tricks often push people to the point of harming her and the people around her, perhaps because she feels like she deserves it, but she'll protect her friends if she's put them in a dangerous spot, even if it's in a roundabout way. She never takes off her makeup except for at night when she goes to bed, and does not want anyone to see her without it. If she gets wet or her face is otherwise damaged, she runs off to fix her makeup before anything else. (along with hiding her true appearance, she likes teasing people and being 'mysterious' about it). She's very picky about her appearance and always wants to look her best in any situation. She can get very bossy about things when she wants them done right (such as coming up with an act for a show).
History: Joseau is the daughter of a prostitute and was born and raised in a brothel. Instead of sending her to an orphanage, her too-kind pushover mother took care of her for 14 years. Joseau worked as a prostitute herself from a young age for many men who just needed something to stick it into. She learned many tricks from it, but was basically forced in it. She often had to take many different men to bed in one day—that is the reason she doesn't really believe/care about romantic relationships much, but she was still very happy-go-lucky, and eventually developed a phobia of being naked outside of seduction. All was fine until her mother took her to a normal circus that came through town. Joseau fell in love with the circus—the clowns, specifically. They gave people pleasure, but not the kind of pleasure she was used to giving, and the ways some of them tricked pleasure out in such clever ways surprised her. She wanted to entertain people like a clown, instead of being a prostitute. She began telling jokes and playing tricks on patrons, not wanting to work anymore, and she became more and more rebellious as she felt like being a prostitute was something she was being forced to do. Sometimes, the men she tricked would become angry by her antics and tended to hit her and push her aside, scarring her in a few places. Her mother made her stop and took her out of business after she "accidentally" bruised one man's... well, manhood. Joseau began buying makeup and fabric with the money she earned from work—playing with her appearance and coming up with more and more tricks that she would prank the other prostitutes with. Eventually, Joseau realized that she had developed a sort of hate for the brothel, and left while most of the women were with patrons, leaving a note for her mother:
"Dear Mom,
I really appreciate you putting up with me until now, but I need to find a place where I can be something better. I love you very much.
Love, Joseau"
Which started her new life as 'Joseau'. She wandered the streets for a while, looking for a circus to join, sometimes honing her skills on the sidewalks downtown and getting supplies, food, and a place to sleep from men she'd seduced. While performing on the streets, she realized that magic tricks would bring more viewers than simple jokes and pranks. The need to entertain is where she began to play with her fake magic. About a month after she first left, on her 15th birthday, the Cirque des Horreurs came to town, and she immediately went there and made herself comfortable. This is also where she met her half-brother June for the first time.

Likes: Bright/vibrant colors, black, sweets (especially cake!), clowns, the circus, card games, entertaining people, laughing, traveling, stars, clouds, her mother
Dislikes: Dull colors, being alone for too long, spicy food, cigarettes and alcohol (although she's put up with them all her life), dirt, unhappiness, people that don't laugh

Additional information:
:bulletblue: She is extremely ticklish.
:bulletred: Red/Yellow/Blue is her favorite color combo.
:bulletyellow: She plucks her eyebrows off instead of shaving them. (because it looks smoother)
:bulletblue: Bugs with wings give her the creeps, but she's fine with spiders.
:bulletred: Every magic trick she performs is 100% FAKE. She has no problem admitting to that because she doesn't actually believe in magic—just clever ways of disguising tricks.
:bulletyellow: She always wears white makeup over her skin and white gloves and socks. Everything else is covered with clothes.
:bulletblue: She has a half-brother. His name is June.
:bulletred: She's infertile, so she's never gotten pregnant (but she's not free of STDs).
:bulletyellow: She is always smiling, even when she is hurt or scared (smiling nervously or painfully, but smiling). If she's not smiling, she's probably comically angry/disappointed (or staring accusingly at whoever ruined her makeup) or otherwise bored. The only thing that would actually make her genuinely cry is if her mother or any very close person died.
:bulletblue: She is great at painting pictures on faces, especially with clown makeup, but she's terrible at applying normal, everyday makeup (clown makeup is everyday makeup for her).
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